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Snippets.style is a tool used to visualize code snippets in a way that makes them more accessible and delightful to read.


Why use this app?

Before you ask, here are some good reason about why you should use snippets for sharing your code.

Totally Free

Since All the features are free of charge, you don't have to spend a penny in order to use this app.

Privacy Focused

None of the screenshots generated are saved on our servers in any way, the application works on your browser.

Constantly Updated

I work tirelessly to give to this app the most useful and enjoyable experience possible adding new features and improvents.

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Nageshwar Nag

UI & Front-End Developer

Amazing, thanks for creating this!

Shivam Veer Singh

Creative Engineer

It's cool, nice work, I like it!

Varchasvi Pandey

Front-End Engineer

This looks good. I'll definitely try this!

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